The Life of a Network Engineer

What could be more boring


Let’s be honest, if you’re here, you almost certainly already know me (or someone else who shares my name).  I was born in a large city, but don’t remember it.  I was raised in the southeast corner of Kansas from an early age.  I had an interest in science, video games, and computers for about as long as I can remember.  I didn’t start my working life in IT.  First I did, well, nearly everything else.  From late high school, I did contract cleaning, worked in food service, was a welder, fitter, painter, fabricator, heavy equipment operator, reserve police officer.  You get the point.  

In around 1998, however, I got the opportunity to stop doing computer work on the side and start doing it as a career.  The rest, they say is history.  I eventually moved on from desktop support and systems administration.  I’ve been working on the network side of the house most of the last decade. Today I’m a network engineer and part of my time is spent helping university researchers build and troubleshoot long-distance data transfer paths.